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About The Innocent Christopher Radke

So, who is Chris "The Radman" Radke anyway?

The innocent Chris holding his son Zachary as a baby

Discover the truth about Christopher Aric Radke, an innocent young man whose life took a tragic turn. See the evidence in this photo as he holds his son from the love of his life, Diana Morrison. Despite facing adversity, Chris remained a stand-up guy, proposing to Diana when they found out she was pregnant. Chris embraced fatherhood with joy. Join the story of an innocent soul who loved and supported his family through thick and thin.


Chris was always a very charismatic person, someone who immediately made everyone feel welcome. Friends of his will attest that he was the nicest, most charismatic host, a friend to everyone. Chris wasn’t a stranger to anyone. He was outgoing, friendly, kind, and did all he could to ensure others were always having fun. 


Would He Do This?

Chris was not the kind of person to get into trouble. He worked, he had a home, he was married, and was a father – long before most kids left their parent’s home. He outwardly showed love to his wife and son as well as his friends – and Chris has many, many friends.


Sick Wife: Depression? Bipolar? Borderline Personality?

It would have been very difficult to predict, especially by this photo, that his wife, Diana, was as depressed and mentally unstable. She had some unresolved issues when her behavior was observed: erratic, manic, and oddly unpredictable. Few could predict how Diana’s mood would change or what her actions would be. Close friends and family members knew of her mental problems and while Diana was prescribed medication, it did little to help based on her observable behavior.

It has been observed that Diana had a tendency to get angry, yell, and make a scene. Testimony states that she has even been observed getting into her car and driving off in anger at times.

Family Man

It was very evident that Chris was proud of his family and the direction their lives were leading. He adored his wife, regardless of her actions and mental instability, and he absolutely loved his son, Zachary.

Even though looking back there were signs, Chris was young and in love. He could not know that one evening she would finally go over the edge.