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Miscarriage of Justice – FREE CHRIS NOW!



“Thank you for taking the time and hearing my side of this case. What I want to bring to your attention are the facts and evidence in my case. I am innocent! This is a miscarriage of justice from the start, which happens to be relatively common in Texas.”


Please hear my story:

“I was wrongfully convicted nearly 25 years ago in a murder case out of Dallas County. Case #F86-02380-UN. My case involved me trying to take a shotgun away from my wife threatening to shoot herself. All the evidence proves my wife shot herself.

The evidence that shows I’m innocent was withheld from my defense team. There is more withheld favorable evidence in the prosecutor’s file. I need counsel to help obtain DNA testing that will exonerate me.

All exhibits disclosed are actual evidence and all filings and record evidence are in a digital format and can be sent upon request. Therefore, I’m seeking professional help, attorneys, experts, and any kind of donation possible.

My DNA testing motions are sidestepped by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and all the courts in Texas that my case goes in front of. I need some serious help.

Two forensic serologists never detected any high-velocity blood spatter on my clothing. However, prosecutors hired a blood spatter expert two days before trial almost two years later who all of a sudden found all this high-velocity blood spatter on my clothing. In doing this, the prosecutors were able to prove the identity of the shooter at trial thus proving the elements of the indictment. The 2 doctors never detected high-velocity blood spatter on the front of the pants because I was lying flat on the front of the pants because I was lying flat on my stomach when the shotgun discharged.

This detective lied to the Medical Examiner. He never got to see the evidence. There’s much, much more and I truly need some help in getting this exoneration. I am innocent and can prove it. I just need a miracle for help.”


Christopher Aric Radke is a Texas Department of Criminal Justice inmate serving a life sentence for murder. He is wrongfully convicted of shooting his mentally ill, suicidal wife. Chris has evidence to prove his innocence – numerous sources who knew firsthand that his wife was mentally unstable, experts who side with him, and his due process rights were violated.

Chris has been trying to tell his side of the story for nearly 25 years.

And yet, with all of this evidence, he is still in prison for a crime he did not commit.

His trial was a trial by a judge, not by a jury, as recommended by his attorney. Chris decided to trust his attorney because the facts of the case did not support a murder where he walked in and decided to shoot his wife. Radke felt his judge, the “honorable” Judge Nelms of the 195th District Court would also see that the state had no evidence to convict him of murder.


Christopher Radke’s attorney, Catherine Shelton, was under suspicion of murder. (CBS and 48 Hours also created a special about this infamous attorney and all the drama surrounding her – click here for the link to “Chasing Catherine Shelton – Part 1” and here for “Chasing Catherine Shelton – Part 2“). An incompetent attorney, Catherine Shelton gave terrible advice, took his family’s money, and allowed him to be convicted with barely a fight in his defense. Later, we find out that Catherine Shelton was swarmed with controversy and a pile of dead people in her midst. Watch the specials for more information about Catherine Shelton.


John Nelms was Christopher’s judge. Nelms is accused of being a bigot, unethical, and not declaring monies he received for personal use. As Nelms stated at trial, “women typically don’t use a gun to commit suicide,” and that was the basis for his judgment as I personally had witnessed when the verdict was received. Because he was advised by his “lousy” attorney, Catherine Shelton, not to go to a jury trial – the judge had carte blanche to make any decision he wanted to. Nelms didn’t even seem to look up from his paperwork when any evidence or testimony was presented to the court; it was very obvious he either didn’t care or made up his mind very early on in the proceedings. It’s a personal feeling that Shelton advised Chris and his family to go with a trial by a judge because a jury trial would have been twice as expensive and the cost was definitely a factor. It is my opinion that Shelton convinced the family of a trial this way to ensure she was hired.


Chris’ wife killed herself. She had a long history of suicidal thoughts, attempts, and mental instability. The autopsy on his wife’s body leads the medical examiner to determine the death a suicide! It wasn’t until her father started putting pressure on the Garland, TX police department that the medical examiner’s decision was changed from suicide to homicide and this nightmare began.

Christopher Radke is arrested. He had just come home after a night of partying. The person he was with has refused to testify in his defense and said if he was subpoenaed he would plead the 5th. Chris spoke to the police that night, a scared young 20-something, without an attorney present. It is our belief that his statements after the incident lead to his conviction (not the facts presented at trial).


Evidence was withheld from his attorney in his case from the prosecutor – as happens very commonly in courtrooms in Texas (and beyond) – evidence that could shed doubt on this accusation. There is very little evidence that would convict him of murder as it stood. This is a man who had a pastor from church testify on his behalf. Christopher Radke is not a man who would maliciously hurt the mother of his child.

Evidence in his case included a bloody pair of pants. Somehow, his pants had blowback blood on both the front and back of the pants. How does that happen? He is curious about the answer as well.

Chris Radke, #806352, has exhausted all appeals in his case over the past 23 years. All he wants to do to prove his case is to test the DNA blood evidence to show that his clothes had blood on them after the initial examination.

Is that really so much to ask? Yet the courts denied him.

He is willing to pay for it out of his own pocket – he just needs permission. Yet the courts denied him.


What if this was you? How would you cope? What would you do? Wouldn’t you want someone to help you?


That’s what we’re after – to get the word out, to get some help. Texas is notorious for being beyond evil in an effort to convict anyone of anything.



Chris is not guilty of these crimes. ALLOW CHRIS RADKE TO TEST HIS BLOOD EVIDENCE or free him! 

What is Texas so afraid of?